March 10, 2022

Podcast Interview: Dan Swift Founder & CEO Empire Selling

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Once upon a Sales Kickoff

Anyone who's ever been to a Sales Kickoff event knows its kind of counter productive. You go there to learn from the previous year's short comings, celebrate the wins, and drink like the world is ending. If you're supposed to remember anything, the booze takes care of that. However, one I remember quite vividly (so does my liver). It was 2017, I had just slammed my quota out of the park at a company called Zerto in my first role as a Sales Engineer. I earned a seat at the coveted Presidents Club, and I celebrated like I just signed a multi-million dollar record deal.

Before all that though, we had a guest speaker who was coming to talk to us about LinkedIn Networking and how to use the most valuable thing on the planet to authentically connect to other people better. Yourself.

No spoilers, but that talk had a very lasting impression on me. One that helped guide me into what I do today. Aside from that my entire world opened up professionally when I realized that I was not capitalizing on the thing that mattered most. Myself.

A Bit on Dan the Pro

Launching LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Sales Solutions back in 2012 afforded me the opportunity to meet thousands of sales and marketing leaders around the world and across all industries. I feel so fortunate to have worked with many exceptionally talented people at other high-growth and innovative companies including GE Capital, Complinet, Thomson Reuters, Sprinklr, and now my own company Empire Selling.

Empire Selling is a digital sales training and go-to-market transformation company that empowers B2B revenue teams to win new customers and deepen the relationship with existing ones. With thousands of sellers trained across the world, Empire has helped brands like Vodafone Business, SAP, Broadcom Software, RELX, and more increase new revenue and customer lifetime value.

Just a message away if I can be of assistance.



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A Bit on Dan the Person

On a personal note, I am a former effective rugby player (North-East England and Kingston Warriors) and current ineffective golfer (which I put down to the aforementioned rugby destroying my body... and other excuses!) I’m also a long-suffering Leeds United supporter. What gets me out of bed every morning? My 6-year-old son and/or my 3-year-old daughter and/or my newborn baby boy. What floats my boat? Coaching people to realize their true potential allowing them to provide the best lives for themselves and their loved ones.