February 15, 2023




They are the first thing an Agent, Casting Director, or other Industry Professionals see when you're putting yourself out there. What is important is that it stands out from the pack for the right reasons. Also one thing that some people forget to include in that bucket, is that your Headshot is going to be showing people where you would like to go as an Actor. In this article, we'll unpack all that and more, so if you're an actor, you can do the right things to market yourself.


Choosing the right Photographer is the single most glossed over subject out there by emerging actors. Let's be real for a second, price is always a factor and good Headshot Photographers are not cheap. HOWEVER, when you see a photographer who's work represents everything you want your acting work to look, feel, and vibe like, that is who you need to work with. That is why my style is the way it is. I want my clients to look like the actor they want to see on screen. It also helps Agents and Talent Acquisition professionals see immediately what a marketable version of you looks like. They should look at your image and already think you've been in Rolling Stone, or Hollywood Reporter for your work. You're never going to capture your full range in a single shot, so what you need is a face that stays in memory as someone's flipping through images. The rest is what Screen Tests and Chemistry Reads are for. Always ask around and check reviews, but when you connect with a photographer's work, just do the thing.


Now that you know what Photographer you vibe with, you have a few clues to what your style is that you want to put down to paper film JPG. Just a few things to remember..

  1. Get good rest! Unless that's the role you're going for.
  2. Wear clean and ironed cloths.
  3. Fun hack, you can always buy stuff for the shoot and return it. My studio is Downtown Boston, there are H&M, Primark, and TjMaxx Marshalls right down the street.
  4. Think about the roles you want to attract and what kind of actor you really want to market yourself as

Listen, you don't have to be practicing in the mirror all night posing like you're about to be judged by Tyra Banks. That is partially my job, is to guide you into where we need to get you. Same as acting, you can bring your personality and skillset invoking emotions and character in front of a camera. Ultimately though, you need to also learn (quickly) how to take direction. Headshots are a great practice run at that. Overall knowing how you want to represent yourself is great because it tells me a bit about where to guide you. It also lets me say, let's try something different on the next shot. Know what you want to say, and let me help you say it.


If an Agent is sending you my way or to another photographer, always ALWAYS ask, "What kind of shots do you think I need." If they give you side eye for asking, first off, RUDE! Secondly you may want to rethink working with that person. An agent is not supposed to tear you down or make you feel like an idiot. You are helping them as much as they are helping you. If they aren't willing to help you, is this the right person to work with. Most agents and agencies have a standard they like to see for new talent. It can be sometimes as simple as "White shirt, natural look, white or grey background and shoulders up only." They also could want a full body shot. Ultimately you just need to better understand what they're expecting if they haven't straight up said it out loud. That really goes for anything, and anyone to be honest.

Communicate that to me or your photographer so we know what you need to walk out the door with. In the Editorial world we say "Shoot to brief", then when you have that, burn the brief and have a little fun. I want to always make sure when you leave my studio you have what you need. If we have some shots also you wanted, GRAVY, but we need to make sure you are equipped with what is required of you. Let's not forget, this is a business, and everyone is always needing something they can use from you at the end of the day. Whether its marketing materials to help market you, or deliverable finished products for TV, Cinema, whatever your medium is. Always be delivering.


Easier said than done, I get it! However, this is what you need to get. There are so many actors out there all trying to do the same things, act, and live. This is something that you need to even be considering when you're looking for your photographer. How does this photographer help me stand out. Ultimately what makes you unique is you as a person. Cheesy, corny, and cliche that statement is! However, its true. When you're trying to be someone else, others are most likely doing that too, and you suddenly blend in with the noise. Famous people from any walk of life are a combination of the right person for the right opportunity at the right time. How are you catching someones eye? Especially because I think that now, goldfish have a higher attention span than people do when we're looking through things. Your photographers work should immediately do that! If its a carbon copy of someone else, they're going to make you blend in. I feel like some actors have booked me just because they saw my black and white images, and thought, ok I need to be seen like that. That is why I shoot like I do, and I strive to be unique. I myself need to stand out, and as a by product, my clients do at the same time.