April 1, 2022


Informational, Personal


So I Did Something...

In a fit of rage I sold my Hasselblad H5D, and my CFV 50ii back. WHY you ask?? Well I was tired of 60% of my photos being out of focus. See here is the thing NO ONE tells you about shooting on Medium Format. IT'S NOT EASY! Ok, done now, bye!!

On the real though, its really difficult to get Medium Format right. If your system has autofocus, it's never usually IN FOCUS. So you end up manually focusing. I feel like my eyes are...decent, but Hasselblad set out to prove me wrong. Even on my film images, about 1/3rd of the roll is out of focus. So I said screw this, I'm done, and sent my Hasselblad Digital gear to MPB. At the same time, I saw a Fujifilm GFX 50s and thought "HRRRRM.....HRRRRRRRRRM, should I??". Which usually winds up to a rash decision made and biting nails waiting for gear to come in hoping no feral street cats steal my stuff. So I got a GFX and a Zoom lens that covers the portrait basics.

A Headshot by Kyle Bromley. A professional headshot photographer based in Boston.

Everything I Knew Was a Lie!

I have used nearly every digital system under the sun, and never been happy with what came out of them. That includes Fujifilm X Series!! HOWEVER, something about this system spoke screamed to me. I primarily like to use slide (E6) film, which is extremely expensive to buy and process, but have been settling for C41. Which if I'm being honest doesn't give me the look I want 100% of the time. There is a lot of "I'll use Ektar here, Portra here, and MAYBE spring for E100 Kodak here."

Dial A for Astia

Within 15 minutes of toying with Astia emulation and setting my preferences I had a look that I went balls to walls head boinking heals over the fat faced moon for. I tested out a few different styles and when I came back to my recipe I made for Astia, I felt home. I didn't have to worry about how much a roll of E100 is anymore, I could get the look I ultimately wanted out of E100 and I actually had to do less work with it.

It's Called WorkFLOW, not WORK!

Look, I'm lazy, sue me! I don't want to spend hours in Lightroom or Capture One mucking about with stuff. Naturally film works for me. Shoot it, seal it, drop it in the lab on the way home, wait for scans. It tickles me in the lazy bits! This new (to me) GFX is now starting to pet my lazy bug. I literally shoot, and the JPG goes to card or computer. I've not done a single thing to most of the JPGs coming out of camera. THIS IS NUTS!

I'm sorry to say it, but I may be a convert. I'm going to challenge myself to see if I can shoot on this system for 3 whole months and see where it takes me. I feel like I've done some of my best work with this camera in my hand.

Sorry Kodak!

YOU IN DANGER GIRL! - Whoopi Goldberg